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Tool: "Individual Change Process Model (by Kurt Lewin)" Composite Text View Page

Title String Individual Change Process Model (by Kurt Lewin)
Abbreviation Acronym ICPM
Category String Model - Group Development Behavioral Model
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Description String Kurt Lewin's model of Group Development is regarded as the first attempt to systematically categorize the stages of group development (what he called Group Dynamics). His work describes both personal and group development in three stages:
  1. Stage 1 Unfreezing: The group recognizes their existing group dynamics, discusses them, works through defence mechanisms. The group begins the process of change.
  2. Stage 2 Change: Change happens. Though this stage can experience tremendous confusion and strife. Change is not easy, existing ways of living and working are undergoing change, but there is little clarity about the nature of the change.
  3. Stage 3 Freezing: The end results of the change that is taking place begin to take form. The group achieves clarity. The group and those who make up the group become comfortable with the change. The new ways are accepted and normal.
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