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Tool: "Decision Emergence Model (by Fisher)" Composite Text View Page

Title String Decision Emergence Model (by Fisher)
Abbreviation Acronym DEM
Category String Model - Group Development Behavioral Model
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Description String Fisher's model is more communication based. He examined the content of group members interactions (if they agreed, were combative, etc.). This model watches who acts and who responds to those actions. His phases are orientation, conflict, emergence, and reinforcement.
  • Orientation: Groups are unfamiliar and communication is awkward. At this point, groups should pay attention to how people are relating and want to be related to.
  • Conflict: Like other models, this is the point at which healthy debate takes place.
  • Emergence: Social structure becomes set, group members become comfortable with each other and the solutions selected by the group. Discussion reflects people coming together.
  • Reinforcement: Group members fully identify with and support the group in most communication.
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