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Event Name Event Type HTML Address Country Continent
actKM Conference Conference http://www.actkm.org/conferences.php Australia Australia and Oceana
APQC KM Conference Conference http://www.apqc.org/events United States North America
Gurteen list of events Conference http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/events Global Global
ICICKM Conference http://academic-conferences.org/icickm/icickm-home.htm NO_DATA NO_DATA
IIM National Conference Conference http://www.iim.org.au/minigen/default.asp?action=showContent&contentID=107 Australia Australia and Oceana
Information Online - ALIA Conference http://www.information-online.com.au/ NO_DATA NO_DATA
KM Asia Conference http://www.kmasia.com/ NO_DATA Asia
KM Australia Conference http://www.kmaustralia.com/ Australia Australia and Oceana
KM Middle East - Success Steps Conference http://www.km-me.com/ NO_DATA Asia
KM Singapore Conference http://www.kmsingapore.com/ Singapore Asia
KM World Conference http://www.kmworld.com/ United States North America
Knowledge Management Conference & Exposition Conference http://foseinstitute.org/events/2011/knowledge-management/home.aspx United States North America
Knowledge Management Education Forum - Kent State University & George Washington University Round Table http://kmatkent.cim3.net/wiki/Welcome United States North America
SIKM Conference Calls Conference Call https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sikmleaders/info United States North America
SIRF KMRt - Victoria New South Wales Round Table https://sites.google.com/site/kmrtvic/ Australia Australia and Oceana

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