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Alphabetic List of All Book Recommendations

(Total = 17)

Book Recommendation Name Book Recommendation Abstract
Books Recommended by Amazon Books found by executing a search in Amazon.
Books Recommended by Ark Group Publications Inside Knowledge Magazine Bookshop - Ark Group Publications
Books Recommended by Assocation of Knowledge Association of Knowledgework Bookstore
Books Recommended by CityUHongKong The Top Five Most-Cited KM Books (1995-2001) - CityUHong Kong, Centre for Applied Knowledge and Innovation Management Research
Books Recommended by Cognitive Edge Influential KM books recommended by Cognitive Edge
Books Recommended by DNV-CIBIT Top 3 books that have most influenced each of the DNV-CIBIT knowledge management team members - DNV-CIBIT
Books Recommended by David Gurteen KM Book List inventoried by David Gurteen
Books Recommended by David Skyrme General KM Books recommended by David Skyrme
Books Recommended by Denham Gray 5 KM books to pitch - Denham Gray
Books Recommended by Larry Prusak 2008 KM Recommended Reading - Larry Prusak
Books Recommended by Stan Garfield General KM Books recommended by Stan Garfield
Books Recommended by Verna Allee Recommended Books - Verna Allee
Books Recommended on KM Online Top 10 most highly recommended books on KM - KM online
Books Recommended on KnowledgeBoard The 42 books to start your Knowledge-Management own bibliography - knowledgeboard
Books Recommended on Listable Best 10 Readings in KM - listible
Books Recommended on Wikipedia Further Reading - Wikipedia KM Entry
Books recommended by David Williams KMS References and Resources 140601 - David Williams
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