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Theory: "Tacit Versus Explicit Knowledge" Home Page

Title: Tacit Versus Explicit Knowledge
Acronym or Abbreviation: NO_DATA
Author: Michael Polyani
Category: Theoretical Concept
Description: A belief that Explicit Knowledge represents knowledge that is easily transferrable, wherease Tacit Knowledge represents a type of knowledge that is not. While Polyanni is not credited as the originator of this theory, he is one of the first to document attempts to clarify the differences between these two types of knowledge.
Read More: https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=TYVoCQAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR7&dq=1958+Personal+Knowledge:+Towards+a+Post-Critical+Philosophy.&ots=lkIk0ptfMB&sig=WOvjPJL8ZtFwsQSpValft76ffXc#v=onepage&q=1958%20Personal%20Knowledge%3A%20Towards%20a%20Post-Critical%20Philosophy.&f=false
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