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Index of all Countries
where Attribute "Continent" is equal to the value "Europe"

(Indexed on Attribute Name = "Continent")

(Total = 54)

Country Name Country Abstract
Albania Europe
Andorra Europe
Austria Europe
Belarus Europe
Belgium Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Bulgaria Europe
Croatia Europe
Cyprus Europe
Czech Republic Europe
Denmark Europe
Estonia Europe
Faroe Islands Europe
Finland Europe
France Europe
Germany Europe
Gibraltar Europe
Greece Europe
Greenland Europe
Guernsey Europe
Holy See (Vatican City State) Europe
Hungary Europe
Iceland Europe
Ireland Europe
Isle of Man Europe
Italy Europe
Jersey Europe
Latvia Europe
Liechtenstein Europe
Lithuania Europe
Luxembourg Europe
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Europe
Malta Europe
Moldova, Republic of Europe
Monaco Europe
Montenegro Europe
Netherlands Europe
Norway Europe
Poland Europe
Portugal Europe
Romania Europe
Russian Federation (European Regions) Europe
San Marino Europe
Serbia Europe
Slovakia Europe
Slovenia Europe
Spain Europe
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Europe
Sweden Europe
Switzerland Europe
Turkey (Europen Regions) Europe
Ukraine Europe
United Kingdom Europe
land Islands Europe
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