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Competency: "Knowledge Manager Competencies" Home Page

Label: Knowledge Manager Competencies
Description: Andre Saito completed his PhD dissertation on "Educating Knowledge Managers: A competence based approach" in 2007 - it provides a literature review, looks at KM university curricula, and reports on a survey of knowledge managers. His earlier survey of KM education programmes was published as Andre Saito, Tun¨ Medeni, Marcelo Machado, Katsuhiro Umemoto: Knowledge management education: A framework towards the development of a comprehensive degree program. In: Nakamori, Y. et al. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences (KSSÕ04), November 10-12, 2004, Ishikawa, Japan, pp. 61-65.
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